The beginning

I've always wanted to have a Fujifilm Instax camera long before I actually got one. I deployed in 2014 and thought it would be a great way to document my experience, but that idea came & went. For reasons unknown, I just didn't get one before I left, or even at any part of my deployment. I suppose that was a good thing since the temperatures could get pretty high out where we were and I'm sure all the exposures would've been damaged by the time I used them. Maybe next time I deploy? …If I ever get the chance to again.

Finally, my husband bought me one for my birthday in 2016 and it has documented birthdays, family gatherings, spontaneous adventures, & even the birth of one of our children. Having this camera brought back the thoughtfulness of taking pictures again, instead of taking random and meaningless photos we've taken on our phones. I've taken so many photos with my Mini7S over the course of a year that I've noticed a downward trend of me posting photos on my social media accounts. I'm guessing that's a good thing since I've seemed to have broken away from the "selfies" trend. I have a couple friends that flood my news feeds with pictures I kind of feel are rather pointless (Becky, why do you take pictures of your kids receiving money from relatives? YOU WANT THEM TO BE ROBBED?!).

And because I've taken lesser photos on my phone than with my Mini7S, my life has become more privatized in an accidental way. I keep my photos in a book at home and sometimes, I bring it to family gatherings to show off to everyone. I could see it as a great conversation starter whenever people visit our house, but who ever visits us (we have no friends. Just kidding! …but for real though)? So I guess starting a blog would be a good way to show off our adventures.

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