Arizona monsoon over the Boneyard

At times, I have a hard time figuring out the perfect setting when I take a picture with my Mini7S. You'd think it would be pretty simple since it's got four settings: indoor, cloudy, fine, clear. The most trouble I find is with landscape/scenery photos, such as this one. Maybe, I should just give in and realize that this camera isn't made for these types of photos. Nonetheless, I haven't given up on the FujiFilm Instax camera family yet.

In fact, I've had my eye on the Mini90 Neo Classic camera that's out. They're super hipster-ish, but I'm intrigued by their capabilities as an instant camera. Perhaps I won't have as much trouble with landscape/scenic photos with this camera? It's a possibility, but I don't really have $119 or so just laying around for a newer version of a camera I already have. Plus, we are in the midst of a move, so every penny counts at this point. I'll check them out again once our lives are settled down at our new location, but for now, it's just an item on the wish list.

Anyway… Have you ever experienced a monsoon in Arizona? I think they're the prettiest, while most frightening things Mother Nature could ever gift us. Although, I have heard people who've lived in Florida say that monsoons in Arizona aren't all that special when compared to what they deal with over there. Does Florida have monsoons too? Just wondering.

Monsoons are fascinating to me because they seem to come out of nowhere, although you can generally spot them in the horizon. Sometimes they come, and sometimes they just miss you. From where I worked in the clinic on Davis-Monthan AFB, this natural phenomenon looked even better when it hovered the infamous Boneyard. Ever heard of this place? This is where all the old and retired military aircraft are stored. With or without monsoon season, the Boneyard is also an amazing thing itself.

And even though my photo seems to be faded or "white-washed," I'm still pretty happy with the results. You can still make out the giant cargo planes and the clouds looming over.

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