Post-camping pictures

After my post about having some difficulties with landscape/scenic photos, I wondered if it were possibly due to the automatic flash that you can't turn off with a Mini7S. So naturally, I started experimenting with that idea in mind by blocking the flash whenever I took a picture.

This is the first photo I took with that idea. It looks a little dark, but we were at a location with a bit of pine trees covering the sun (natural lighting). I should've taken the same photo with flash to compare to two, but I'm too concerned about wasting exposures at this point. I feel like a photo with flash could've made my son brighter and maybe even white-washed while the background became dark and unrecognizable.

The next photo, my two boys, had a bit more sun coming through the pine trees. It definitely looks a lot better than if I were to use the flash, in my opinion.

By the way, remember how I said on my previous post that baby and I went home instead of camping with our family and friends? The next day, we woke up a little bit earlier than usual to go back up the mountains to meet everyone again… what a trip!!

Anyway, my last photo I took was just a view looking up above us. I really didn't think this shot would develop, or even develop as well as it did. Again, I covered the flash to prevent it from ruining the shot, but I'm not really sure if it really made a difference considering how high up the subject was. Although, I do feel like the settings did come into play a bit more. Instead of choosing the cloudy setting, which I probably would have on a regular day considering we were in the shade, I chose the fine setting while still covering the flash. I think the settings have to do with aperture and the amount of light the lens lets in for each picture…. BUUUUT, I'm not a camera or photography expert to make that claim. So I may be wrong…

However, I will say that the automatic flash is kind of annoying and can ruin a majority of pics taken. Too bad the Mini7S doesn't have an option to turn the flash on or off, but I'm sure the newer models do.

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