T-11 days until our move

It's hard to believe we'll be moving away from Davis-Monthan after spending four years here. It honestly feels like I'm moving away from home again; although I think I was ready to leave home at 18 for the military. I guess the difference is that we've gone through so much, and have somewhat established ourselves here.

These orders were a bit of a surprise to us since the position I applied for only asked for eight qualified medics with the ranks of staff sergeant/technical sergeant and who wouldn't want to work at the US Air Force Academy? From my clinic alone, I knew a lot of us applied for the position and I just happened to be the lucky one.

Anyway, since the movers came yesterday to pack up our things and then shipping tomorrow, we our now living in lodging. Because of our pups, we're "living the life" in a business suite, complete with a kitchen and washing machine. Oh, and our 6-year old has a room of his own, so we don't have to all sleep on one bed. Across from our room is the dog park which makes my life for the next few days a lot easier. Unfortunately, the husband will be leaving for his reserve-time up in Travis AFB tonight and will be gone until Monday night.

Seems like everything is moving fairly quickly for all of us, but then again, I just got my orders last week when they were actually due to me around mid-July. I'm extremely thankful that I've got such a wonderful husband who's been helping me out through this crazy time (I swear I developed a stomach ulcer from all this stress!). Just can't wait to finally be settled at our new location and see what Colorado offers us.

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