T-10 days until our move

Today was our last day of packing and move our stuff. Now the only thing we have left to do is tidy up the place and final-out. We've only lived in this house for a little over a year so it's not like we've built a lot of fond memories here… the only true memory I'll have from this place is our annoying neighbors -_-.

Today was also a bit of a challenge for me being solo with two kids. Instead of having a partner to rely on to meet the movers at the gate, I had to do it myself with the kids in tow. Thankfully, the drivers were a nice older couple from Indiana who didn't mind watching the kiddos for a few minutes while I left to meet the other two movers.

Another challenge I somewhat met was finding a way to entertain my 6 y/o without having him interfere with the movers. However, as luck may have it, they were all kid-friendly and didn't mind him at all. I'm sure he had fun hanging out in the truck and playing with the boxes. Also, another distraction for him was his bike, which he can now ride without his training wheels! It's a definite proud mom moment right here.

All-in-all, what would be a super stressful part in moving was probably the easiest in the entire process. I'm extremely thankful that we had really nice packers and movers!

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