I gave into temptation…

Well, I gave in and bought myself the Mini90 camera. The camera I said I'd wait out on until we were settled in Colorado. Yeah, that one lasted at least a week! The more I sat on it and looked up reviews, the more I knew I needed to get this camera. Especially when my family and I are about to embark on an excursion to our new place.

Last week, I bought a 6-pack of mini film from Costco and I feel like I'm gonna need to go back for more. After all, now we've got two Instax cameras and I would not mind having my 6 y/o take a hand at photography. Granted, he doesn't waste the film. That's definitely going to be a challenge. I'm also pretty excited to try out this bad boy on landscapes/scenery since it does have a mode for pictures like that. So, a good supply of film would be great in case I fudge up.

I did get around to playing with it today, but not too much because I didn't want to waste the film. And I was planning on going up the mountains again to take some more pictures. I wanted to make sure I had some meaning in using this camera for the first time instead of taking regular photos like I do with my mini7S. As you can tell, I've already placed a high-value on this camera.

However, I did do a quick test shot by manipulating the flash… yeah, the topic that I've been obsessing over lately. I wasted my first-ever exposure with this camera by not using this flash, so everything came out very dark (left). The second one came out better although it probably would've been better if I wasn't wearing a black shirt; I blended into the background lol!

And if you've noticed, the picture is of baby and me. Surprisingly, it's a selfie since I don't really like to take them and it's pretty unconventional with my Mini7S. I wanted to test out the self-timer mode, which is an awesome feature on this camera, and also use the front portrait mode button as a mirror. I thought this was a pretty nifty feature that was pointed out by this YouTube video. Makes me wonder if FujiFilm did that intentionally, or if it was just a convenient coincidence.

Anyway, I better get to bed early if I'm going to go back up the mountains to play wth my new camera. Hopefully, there will be nice weather up there. Seems like it's always getting hit up with random storms.

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