Fun with the Mini90

Welp, I didn't make it up the mountains as planned due to my hubby convincing me to wait for him when he's home. Maybe sometime this week, or this coming weekend, since we have a couple of last minute things we'd like to do before we leave Tucson for good. Regardless, I still got around to playing with some of the features my Mini90 can do that my Mini7S can't.

The first feature I played with was the double exposure mode; I think this is the most talked about feature of the Mini90s.
The picture on the left was from yesterday, and if you can't tell what it is, it's of my Staffie and the cactus that's right outside my lodging room. I feel like my first picture with double exposure is kind of a fail, probably because I mixed a somewhat dark photo with a very bright one. I was hoping that the cactus would fill in Jameson's body but it was probably too bright to do what I wanted. So, lesson learned: maybe take the bright photo before the dark one. Maybe it'll come out the way I wanted, but that will be another experiment for the future. I guess another thing I could've done was change the light setting to the darker mode for the cactus to play down the brightness; although, I'm not quite sure how much darker the camera would make the cactus.

The second double exposure (right) is of my 6y/o taking a picture of me. I definitely played it save on this one. I didn't think this one through, as in what I really wanted out of this double exposure shot. I kind of just went on a limb with it and I feel like it's pretty lame. Either way, it came out alright and it's got that "hipsteresque" to it.

The second feature I played around with is called the "bulb" mode, AKA long exposure. This is the mode that other Mini90 owners use to create light painting photos. In this mode, you have to hold down one of the shutter buttons for a max of 10 seconds and it'll take in as much light as it can without the flash (see what I mean about long exposure?). On my way back from my best friends house, I thought the street lights, as we drove by them, would make for an interesting long exposure photo. I'm pretty impressed that the Mini90 not only getting the street lights as I expected, but also capturing the light strips and the road. The weird blue strip at the top right is the same effect you'd get if your Instax mini's picked up a very bright light source; for example, a flash in the mirror.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the long exposure mode and can't wait to play around with it some more in the future. I mostly can NOT wait to go up the mountains at night to get a photo of the city lights. I'm pretty sure my Mini7S can't do that, but I'm willingly to test that theory.

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