T-3 days until our move (Rainbow Instax film)

Today is my last official Friday at Davis-Monthan AFB. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling: bitter because I've been here for four years and somewhat established some roots; sweet because I'm moving closer to family and also because I'm given another opportunity in career growth. Unfortunately, I'll be in Family Health/Practice once again, but I'm hoping I'll get the chance to work in Urgent Care. I also wouldn't mind working in Pediatrics again. Either way, I'm definitely not complaining because I'm sure there are worse places to work at.

As one of the last things we do here, I'm hoping we'll be also to take a tour of the Boneyard. The clinic sits just right next to it and I've spent four years with it as my view. I think it's kind of a bummer if I never had the opportunity to see it while I was here. If we don't get to today, my husband has reassured me that we'd have other times to see it whenever we visit Tucson.

Anyway, I don't normally take a lot of pictures with my camera because the film is pretty expensive (about a dollar a picture), but I've been taking a lot of candid pictures lately. I would think that moving is somewhat of a special occasion. I'm surprised that I went through an entire film cartridge without having to toss out a photo. What's even more surprising is that it happens to be the rainbow Instax film, and I'm able to see the pattern. Of course, the first time I've used the rainbow film, there were a lot of pictures that didn't come out right.

I thought I'd share with you how the rainbow Instax film pack looks like in case you were interested in purchasing it. So far, I've used the Pokémon & Shiny Star frames; I've also got the Lilo & Stitch frame that I'm just waiting to use. Once I complete a whole specialty frame pack, such as this one, I'll post it on here so you know how they look. I know sometimes the sellers on Amazon or Etsy doesn't always put a sample of the frames and it's a mystery.

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