T-2 days until our move (Boneyard/AMARG tour)

It took me one of my final days in Tucson to finally catch a tour of the Boneyard – the yard that sat literally outside of my clinic. And it also took me four years to finally figure out what AMARG stood for (Aircraft Management And Regeneration Group).

If you're the type that's into military heritage and aircrafts, you should definitely take this tour whenever you're in Tucson. However, starting 1 Nov of this year, you'll only be able to take this tour if you make a reservation at least 10 days in advanced. For more information about that, visit the Pima Air & Space Museum website by clicking here.

For me, the tour was interesting even though I'm not much of a "plane-buff". It is definitely one of those things you'd want to make sure to do if you're ever stationed at Davis-Monthan or even Luke AFB in Phoenix; But, if you're the type that likes to explore on your own or take self-guided tours, the Pima Air &a Space Museum has those as well. Or, you can also wait until Davis-Monthan has their air shows, which occurs every other year. The next one will be around March of 2018.

Aside from seeing the old aircrafts that are stored in the Boneyard, it's pretty cool to see the "junk yard" part of it and to see these planes somewhat deconstructed. It's also sort of sad just to think about where these planes may have been and what they may have seen when they were operable, to now only being useful for their parts. What a sobering thought.

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