Good-bye Davis-Monthan!

Four years, to me, is a long time considering my last two bases were only two year tours. In those years, I've had the pleasure working in seven different clinics, working with amazing people, and having the opportunity to care for some wonderful patients. Surprisingly, one of my patients happened to be my husband's grandmother. What a small world it is.

While being here, I've gained so much experience from being a Booster Club president, the countless TDYs I was able to go on, and my first deployment. I've also learned so much from the people I've supervised and those that I've worked alongside with.

And, unfortunately, I did have some hard lessons to learn here as well. Regardless, I honestly feel fortunate to have gone through those hard times and to have the support I needed to guide me in the right direction. My life is completely different than how it was when I got here.

Anyway, I'd also like to say thank you to all that have created those memories for me and know this isn't a final good-bye. The military is a small community, so it's almost guaranteed that we'll see each other again. Also, sorry to anyone that we missed this morning when we passed through to say our final good-byes 😦

<3, Cabico

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