Stop #2: Camp Verde, AZ

In truth, we probably pulled over a million times for various reasons. We figured that, by the rate we were going, we'd probably arrive the Grand Canyon pretty late and we didn't want to be rude to my ex-father-in-law (it sounds weird, I know). So, we decided to spend the night in Camp Verde.

The hotel we stayed in was a nice, little "mom & pop"-run hotel that was basically in the middle of the country. The closest diner/restaurant was a few miles, which was great; however, they all closed around 8, and by the time we settled into our room, it was already 7:30. By the time we've researched the next closest eatery, I was already feeling defeated and IRRITATED because I ended up being dinner for a swarm of mosquitos. At that point, I just wanted to rest for the night and hit the road bright and early.

We woke up fairly early to load everything up again, but we couldn't check out until 8. So while we waited around, we got gas and poor Patrick had to hold it outside of his Jeep through the window.

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