Stop #4: Four Corners (AZ, UT, NM, CO)

Well… now hubby can say that he did a handstand in four different states at the same time.

So, Four Corners is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but ironically is the first place to have cellular service after leaving the Grand Canyon… which we did not have service then. And another ironic thing about this monument is that it's exactly like how it's depicted in the movie, Vacation. I guess they could've recreated it in a studio since they shot the scene at night (Four Corners scene in Vacation). Anyhow, it's only ironic to me since my luck with monuments seem to almost always disappoint me… but honestly, what should I expect from a place called "Four Corners"?

If you're planning to visit Four Corners, there is a $5 admission per person, but kids 6 and under are free. The site is managed under the Navajo nation, so I don't think any of the four states truly has some sort of jurisdiction problem like how they did in Vacation. And there's also a "3 photo limit" sign near to monument to reduce the avid selfiers from hogging up the monument.

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