Mini7S in mini-me hands (AZ edition)

Everyone says it's good to spark creativity and imagination in your children; and to allow them some freedom in those areas so they can be unique in their own ways…

So, with that being said, I gave a pack of film and my Mini7S to my oldest child. I'll admit, this idea is pretty cringe-worthy because of how expensive Instax film is and you really don't know what a kid will do with it. I also didn't want to hamper his "creative" ideas but governing what he takes a picture of, so it really shows his sense of discipline knowing that he only has 10 shots. It's definitely not like electronic cameras or my phone camera.

Below, is his mini gallery of his photos and a short explanation of what he took.

Photo #1 – The American flag
"I like the American flag"

Photo #2 – Mom (me!)
"I just wanted to take a picture of your tattoo"

Picture #3 – Grandpa
"I took a picture of Grandpa because we were having lunch"

Picture #4 – Jameson
"I took a picture of Jameson because he looks cute"

Picture #5 – Jameson (again)
"I took a picture of Jameson because he looks funny"

Picture #6 – Mom
"I took a picture of you because I wanted to"

Picture #7 – Jeep
"[The Jeep] looks cool"

Picture #8 – Golf Clubs
"I took a picture of the golf clubs because I thought it looked cool"

Picture #9 – Me
"I took a picture of myself because I wanted to"

Picture #10 – ??
"I tried taking a picture of grandpa's car"

As expected, his 10 exposures only lasted him a day. Towards the end, he was getting bored of the idea and started taking random pictures (face palm). I tried to tell him he could save it for another time since we still had quite a bit to go to Colorado Springs but that didn't change his mind.

I'm planning on doing this again in the future to see if his mindset's changed. Either way, it's somewhat amusing to see what a child finds interesting.

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