We’ve reached our final destination!!

We're so glad that our supposed-to-be 3-day trip from Tucson to Colorado Springs is finally over! …but the headaches and hassles still continue.

I already knew beforehand that we wouldn't be staying in on-base lodging when we got here, so I had a non-availability letter already waiting for me. That was the least of our worries. Apparently, this weekend is a parent night for the Academy cadets, so all the hotel rooms were either booked up or stupid expensive. Plus, we had our two pooches, which made it even better for our case. Thankfully, we didn't have to search for long and settled on setting up camp in the Residents Inn. Let the fun times of lodging living begin.

Anyway, the US Air Force Academy is HUGE. We're most likely going to explore the base since it looks like it could fit at least five Davis-Monthan AFBs. I'll be reporting in on Monday, so locating the clinic is a definite must!!

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