Camp Farish, CO

Our first weekend here, and we're already looking at campsites to stay at! My sister and her family spent the night here and we just came up to hang out today. We could have camped along with them last night, but we're still getting used to the altitude changes and also recovering from some sickness that was incurred from traveling.

Anyway, this camp site seems to be just behind the US Air Force Academy (which is pretty cool) which means it's only available to Department of Defense employees. I think my brother-in-law said that it cost them about $15 to reserve their site. They also have cabins that you could rent out, which is about $30 (don't quote me). You can also bring your doggos, but we decided to pass for today since we weren't sure if it was just $14 just to have pets with you, or $14 per pet.

It seems like there's a bit to do, if you're the outdoorsy type. I think there's 3 different lake sites where you can fist for trout and I guess crayfish. It looked like there were a few trails you can hike on, but we just fished for the duration of our stay.

I'm thinking this'll be our new "Mount Lemmon" if we ever decide to randomly camp for the weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to camp soon so I can say more about our experience 🙂

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