We are not homeless!!

(We're basically over being in lodging…)

Wow. I thought that we'd be in lodging for quite a bit as we looked for a place to stay in Colorado Springs, but we just signed for a house on-base today. I'll admit, it's really not the greatest. I keep telling my husband that we're basically on the equivalent to the "legacy housing" at Davis-Monthan AKA the old housing. However, the plus side is that it's 4br/2ba, has a TWO car carport, and all my BAH isn't taken away… even though I save $40 XD. Hopefully we'll only be in this house for a year and be able to find a nice home off base to buy 🙂

Even though we quickly found a temporary living situation for the time being, we decided to stay in lodging for another couple days. The reason being is because: 1) our household goods will not be able to be delivered until next week, and 2) we will be spending the long weekend in South Dakota with a very close friend. It's about a six hour drive there from Colorado Springs.

You'd think by now we'd be over the driving and whatnot, which is true for my poor husband (lol). However, I asked him about visiting our friends in South Dakota when we were still in Tucson, so there's my disclaimer!! I'm super excited to see Mount Rushmore and everything South Dakota has to offer, but most importantly, to see my friend again!

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