Labor Day Weekend 2017

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing time during your long weekend. For us, we decided to travel up to South Dakota to visit one of my closest friends. You'd think by now we'd be tired of traveling and being on the road, which is true, but we made these plans to visit her when we were still in Arizona.

So, what did we do for our weekend? Besides drinking and going to the bars in Rapid City, we paid a visit to the Reptile Gardens, Mount Rushmore, & Crazy Horse.

I couldn't tell you how much it cost to get into the Reptile Gardens because my friend was being a sugar mama and paid for our admission (thanks lol!); but I can tell you that they do have military discount. They're also open until November and I think closed until March… Don't quote me on that, but I'm sure they have a website you can find that out on.

Anyway, it's basically a Sea World-equivalent to all the reptilians. It definitely puts a perspective on how effed you'd be if an alligator were chasing you down. We also learned how to "wrestle" one so I kind of expect my hubby to try that out if we ever make a trip out to Florida. I had fun looking at all the snakes and being able to stand so close to one. I've always wanted to have a Garter snake as a pet, but the workers were saying that boas are easier to maintain… I'm not sure if I want a pet snake now. I guess I'll just stick to dogs lol.

So, Mount Rushmore is a National Monument, but Crazy Horse is not; however, you can see Beth for free if you're military. Although, I'm not 100% sure if we just happen to get into Crazy Horse for free because of the long weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Crazy Horse because we just drove through it and didn't get out the car. It was also pretty hazy from the wildfire smoke, so I'm not sure if anything would've came out if I took a picture of it. I'm pretty amazed that the picture of Mt Rushmore came out. Either way, both monuments were pretty cool to see. They're both a helluva lot better than seeing Stonehenge and Mannequin Pis in Belgium…

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