Mount Baldy: The good, the bad, the ugly

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!! Since we're starting to gear up with school and work, our posts may be limited to just once a week.

Yesterday, we decided to break away from unpacking (who would've thought we had so much stuff?) and explore Colorado Springs; my husband chose to explore a trail that led up to Mount Baldy.

When we barely hit the dirt road, you can see off to the right that a rock formation had been covered with graffiti. Such a sad disappointment but nonetheless, the trail was beautiful with the massive amounts of trees and the cool air… speaking of rock formations, I'm always amazed that these rocks won't randomly tumble down and crush us.

Anyway, I knew hubby was having a great time off-roading with his Jeep since it's been so long. If you travel further up the trail, you're able to go shooting, which my husband likes to compare to Reddington pass in Tucson, AZ.

It surprises me that Colorado has more to offer as far as natural landscaping and places to hike or explore, but people choose to ruin it by littering and desecrating it. A part of my feels like I'm being a it whiny, but every time I've went shooting, I thought it was customary to pick up your spent shells and targets. You would not see this problem in Arizona at all.

Then it made me wonder if forest/park rangers even patrol that area, considering I didn't see one while we were there. Perhaps it was just that particular trail they don't bother to patrol, and it just happens to be that unlucky one everyone decides to ruin. 😦

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