It all started with…

…a conversation about SnapChat. Really.

During a spontaneous off-roaring trip, I decided to take a quick video of our journey through the torrential down pour of rain. My husband caught me, and asked if I would be posting it to SnapChat… Of course!

That got around to us talking about how often our friends post on their SnapChat, Instagram, etc., etc. My/our lives are not that entertaining enough for me to post things on the daily; If I have anything to post, it's usually something our kids or dogs do. Rarely, do we do things noteworthy to be posting daily…

…but then again, that conversation gave me somewhat of a "light bulb" idea. In 2016, my husband bought me a FujiFilm Instax camera, which I love. I don't think I've ever used any of my other cameras I've bought for myself as much as I use my Instax (Camcorders, a fancy Canon camera, and a knock-off GoPro that I have NO idea where it is in our house…). So, my great idea was to create a blog about my Instax camera & the photos I've taken with my Instax

It's nothing fancy and nothing unique. It just became somewhat of a hobby for me. And because the film costs about a dollar per exposure, it forces me to put some thought into what I take a picture of. It definitely takes away the random impulse of taking a bunch of meaningless photos (my Instagram is utter chaos).

With my "light bulb" idea, I hope this blog provides you a bit of entertainment from our lives or maybe even spark some creativity of your own. After all, a FujiFilm Instax Mini 7S camera costs about $60 & a pack of 10 exposure film costs $10 (the white, basic frame). The thrill of adventure can cost next to nothing.